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A Totally Managed Service

For organisations with as few as 100 uniform wearers Burlington Uniforms has the ideal solution - a totally managed service. The managed contracts team at Burlington Uniforms will be responsible for the entire purchasing process, guiding customers through the rewarding task of producing a bespoke uniform and working out service arrangements that will deliver swiftly and economically with due regard for sustainability. All customers are allocated to a dedicated account manager.




Initial Consultation

Burlington Uniforms knows that in order to deliver a tailored solution it must start at the most important point, with the customer. Through an initial consultation, the team will gain knowledge and understanding of the requirements of both the staff and the business itself, developing garments that reflect and adhere to the day-to-day demands of the customer.


By encouraging clients to involve all decision makers and wearer groups in the design process from the outset, Burlington Uniforms can be sure to deliver a corporate image of which staff and management will be proud. Using design boards, fabric swatches and sample garments the team of commercial designers will create a unique look for the business encapsulating both the brand and, most importantly, the people.

Wearer Trial

Before an order is committed to bulk production, Burlington Uniforms recommends a trial wear period. Selected staff can test the garments for style, comfort, fit, durability and ‘washability’. Any modifications can then be made before the final samples are signed off and full production begins.

Future Requirements

Your account manager is able to build up a historic demand profile, by garment and size, helping to generate production proposals for the future. he or she will then advise you and agree adjustments to the procurement programme that will reflect changes in your requirements as your business develops.

Continued Service

once delivery has been taken your dedicated account manager will remain in contact to respond to any queries, questions or feedback that you may have, thus helping to maintain a consistent level of service throughout the contract period.

UK Manufacturing

Burlington Uniforms is a UK based business with extensive manufacturing facilities at its plant in South Wales. It is proud to continue and maximise the manufacturing heritage of the UK, employing skilled designers and workers to produce its quality corporate clothing. We believe in producing and supplying a quality product. By having our manufacturing and warehousing facility on our doorstep, we have full control over quality assurance which guarantees continuity of colour, sizing, finishing and fast delivery.

Call Us to find out more on 08707 300150 OR email sales@burlington-uniforms.co.uk