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Bespoke High Visibility

Your Design

At Burlington Uniforms we pride ourselves on the unique range of services we offer to our customers. We have the ability to serve customers in any place, of any size, to their exact specification and to any European or Internationally recognised safety standard.

Bespoke Product Service

We design and develop bespoke products to meet unique requirements for clients who want something different. A complete team of experienced, commercially aware designers and project managers is on hand to offer technical advice and know-how to you; to produce customised garments and products to meet your specific requirements and changing needs such as non-standard design, colour, branding or size. Production can be swiftly arranged in order to realise a quick solution at competitive prices.

Concept Research and Development

We listen carefully to our customers so that we understand the End User requirements and levels of protection required and thus ensure that the product will be fit for purpose and offer best value. The depth of our knowledge and breadth of our resources includes the ability to source raw materials, draft specification charts and provide samples before production starts.

Certification of Bespoke Products

As part of our unrelenting drive to comply with industry standards and best practice and to provide added value right from the start, all customised products are tested and certified to the relevant EN and ISO standards. Our quality assurance procedure, and indeed all the procedures that drive our business, form part of our Quality Management System for which we have ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Modification of Standard Products

A method of supplying a bespoke solution is to modify a standard product, by making subtle changes to the design, selecting a different fabric or adding branding or house colours.

Own Branding

We have a full range of branding and packaging methods at our disposal, which can be applied to any bespoke or stock garment during production.

Stock and Storage

We have warehouse facilities and fully computerised stock control systems that enable us to hold dedicated stock for clients in order to achieve continuity of supply throughout the term of a managed contract. It also takes a considerable amount of physical work and administration away from the client.


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