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Bespoke Workwear

Our bespoke garments facility is all about you, your garments, the way you want them to look and of what they are made.

You can choose pretty much everything, from the fabrics, the colours, the design and what labels go in them. It gives you the chance to create an image that is just yours, from as little as 250 pieces per garment, depending on the item.


Tell us what you want! This can be over the telephone, by way of a faxed or emailed drawing or even a verbal description.


We will provide design, turning your thoughts into the reality of how the garment will look and work. We offer basic in-house visuals free of charge, or can do complete storyboards to illustrate a corporate look with several garments.


once you’re happy with the design, we will confirm the finer details. These include; a) Fabric: weight, composition, feel and performance, which could be determined by the end use of the garment and the budget, and b) Labelling: available options include neck labels, neck tape, side tabs, polybag and swing ticket.


Following your approval of all designs we will proceed to pre-production samples in available fabric to demonstrate the look, feel and appearance of the end product. Samples will also be provided of all labels and extras such as embroidery or printing.


We will proceed to production, from which production samples are sent for final approval.


Please use the links below to find information about each of the individual sections and how we can help you with them: