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Account Management

Burlington Uniforms’ account management process begins with allocating an experienced senior member of our team to be the account manager for each key client. Each of our major contracts is headed up by a member of the senior management team who takes responsibility for ensuring the successful delivery of the contract for our clients. 

We take a proactive, partnership-based approach to account management establishing strong lines of communication and clear objectives from the outset – and believe that effective communication and building face to face relationships with our clients is the most positive way to manage a successful contract. 

Open, transparent and regular communication is key to success and is always our preferred way of working. This ensures we understand client requirements and manage changes throughout the contract period to achieve continued fulfilment of our obligations and to support our client’s own business functions, needs and expectations. 

Our success at delivering high levels of satisfaction through our account management processes is reflected in the number of long term customer relationships we hold, many of which span more than a decade. 

In part, this is due to the way we continuously monitor our own account management performance through a number of measures including: 

  • Regular Contract Review Meetings 
  • End User Engagement Events 
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) 
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 

We are committed to continuously reviewing and offering additional Management Information Reports to meet changing client requirements. These can be generated by the Burlington Account Management team or may be extrapolated directly from our bespoke Wardrobe Management System (WMS) by any authorised person(s) within our clients’ businesses. 

Full stock holding services are provided as part of our account management systems, with the flexible approach to holding branded and unbranded goods in our own warehouse facilities to suit the specific requirements of each client contract. 

We offer flexible delivery solutions for locations throughout the UK (including Islands and Highlands) which may involve anywhere between 1 and 500+ delivery sites per contract. This is possible as we fully own and staff our own warehouse facilities, which operate either from our Enfield warehouse or a combination of our Enfield and Port Talbot warehouses, depending on the specific contract needs. 

For example, some clients require direct delivery to every location, whilst others require consolidated deliveries into regional hubs, from where the deliveries are processed via our clients’ own internal infrastructure. We also manage specific delivery requirements such as within certain opening hours or specific days per week. 

We are also able to provide an individual person pack service for orders – these are processed through our Wardrobe Management System (WMS), which has the ability to set limits to the number of types of items ordered by individuals based on job role and specific client requirements.  

Feedback from our Account Managers

Your positive demeanour and willingness to meet our needs have been invaluable to me and the organisation. I hope Burlington are fully aware of just what an excellent professional/individual they have in you. 

Right from the start, it was evident to all of us that Burlington Uniforms’ commitment to excellence and great customer service would make them an ideal partner for our staff uniforms project. Being one of the UK’s most iconic venues, we were particularly delighted to work with a UK-owned and UK-based uniform provider with such tremendous expertise in their field. Their friendly and personalised service made them an absolute pleasure to work with. 

Personally I would like to thank your team for all their work on our account since we have been with Burlington’s, but my main thanks will always be reserved for you. You have been a brilliant account manager, always willing to help and go the extra mile when I have needed your advice and support  

You have been a great help with all my requests and out of so many uniform providers I have been working with in the past, you are now my go-to, as your efficiency and speed is unbeatable. The selection of clothing is great, prices are reasonable and from enquiry to deliver the whole process was smooth and professional. I will continue using your Services and can only compliment you on being so approachable and effective. Keep it going, you are doing a great job.