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Customer Service

Our Customer Service Support Team is key to why our clients stay with us for such a long time, and are a highly valued part of our business. We have a close-knit team of long-serving staff who are fully committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

By operating with a small but dedicated team (rather than a call centre), each team member acquires a full understanding of our customers’ needs and is committed to deliver the best for them. Our approach in this area is quite unusual as every single customer has a named individual contact within the team so every order, email or phone call is handled by someone who knows and understands the specific needs of each customer.

Members of the Customer Service Support team receive initial training for contracts large and small to ensure their knowledge of the products and processes for each. This is updated as required throughout the contract and information is held on our CRM system which means that if a client’s usual contact isn’t in the office, the rest of the team can quickly find the relevant information and account details to be able to help with any orders or queries.

This team is based in Enfield and will be the first point of contact for our customer’s staff/nominated uniform contacts. Available between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday, they will provide support for any order and delivery related queries.

The senior management team and key functions are based together at the company head office and warehouse facility in Enfield, along with customer support and the contract management team. This creates seamless contract management, enhances customer service and means we can offer an extremely reactive emergency service, if required.

The partnership we have forged with Burlington Uniforms has not only overcome our apprehensions about levels of service in terms of uniform supply and manufacture, but has made the whole administration process simple and friendly. 

Requirements have been reviewed on a regular basis to understand managers and operational staff’s feedback in order to make improvements along the way as required. Sustainable supply and assurance have been a key factor to continue working with Burlington’s. Moreover the service provided to us has felt very personable and friendly during these years for which we are very grateful to you and your team.

During the whole process from the moment we first met until now I would like to say a huge thank you to you and your team for all the help and support we have received. I now fully understand the fun and games one goes through in order to meet the business and everyone’s individual requirements. 

It has been interesting! Needless to say that without your support, guidance and help it certainly 

would have been a lot trickier.