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Environmental Policy

Burlington Uniforms Ltd is a leading provider of corporate clothing, work-wear and personal protective equipment to the private and public sector. We aim to be profitable and to manage the business in a manner best suited to our economic needs whilst being committed to the long term protection of the environment in which we live and operate. We consider this to be an essential part of responsible business practice. Care for the environment is one of our key corporate responsibilities and an important part of the way in which we do business. Our key corporate environmental commitments are:

  • To comply with all applicable environmental legislation, regulations and approved codes of practice and to adopt environmental best practice
  • To protect the environment by preventing and minimizing pollution of air, land and water, through efficient management of our processes
  • To keep the wastage of resources to a minimum by maximizing the efficient use of energy, fuel, water, packaging and office supplies and to recycle or reuse materials wherever possible before disposing of them
  • To provide our employees with training and information in order to raise environmental awareness internally and to encourage an environmentally aware culture
  • To communicate with our stakeholders (internal and external) on a regular basis on the progress of our environmental programme
  • To assess the ethical and environmental performance of our supply chain and to raise environmental awareness within it
  • To integrate environmental considerations into our management processes during planning and implementation and to work closely with our customers and suppliers to ensure that our environmental and ethical objectives are integrated into our supply chains
  • To proactively implement and maintain our externally accredited environmental management framework to enable us to deliver the objectives of this policy and to ensure that we continue to hold our ISO14001 certification
  • To allocate sufficient resources both internally and externally to support the achievement of these objectives
  • To monitor and review our environmental performance to ensure that we will continually improve

We will achieve these objectives through the environmental implementation plan which will define measurable targets for improving our environmental performance. This policy will be reviewed at least annually and updated as necessary.