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Environmentally Responsible Procurement Policy

Burlington Uniforms aims to deliver services and products that are resource efficient, that are of good quality, minimize the generation of waste and which contribute to a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable society, whilst meeting the current needs of our business and our customers.

Burlington Uniforms Ltd will persue this policy, by:

  • Supporting the sustainable use of resources, by encouraging resource efficiency and waste minimization
  • Introducing environmental assessment criteria and monitoring into contract procedures
  • Integrating our procurement standards with our environmental implementation plan, by incorporating the environmental policy objectives set through the plan into contract and product specifications
  • Forming partnerships with suppliers to apply our principles in corporate procurement activities and to promote and encourage innovative improvement in environmental performance through the application of environmental criteria in the award of contracts
  • Supporting staff in the delivery of this policy by providing supporting guidelines and resources, communicating progress, engaging in staff consultation and providing training and awareness raising
  • Continually improving the procurement and purchasing policy and guidelines by regularly reviewing contracts and suppliers
  • Use of environmentally preferred methods for the selection of materials such as the Environment Agency commodity guidelines and encouraging our customers to adopt the same principles
  • Effectively maintaining our own goods and assets during their usable life
  • Aiming to reuse, recycle or dispose of all end-of-life products, according to the waste hierarchy. Effective recycling or disposal arrangements will be identified at the time of purchase of goods

Adrian Hewitt
Managing Director
Date: 1st May, 2010