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Click on button to download any of the forms below. This will open up in "Acrobat Reader". If you do not have this follow the instructions below to install this useful software.

Guide to Ordering

Click here for Sizing Charts

Click here for Credit Application Form

Click here for Returns Form

Click to here for Terms and Conditions

About Adobe Acrobat Reader

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to open and print the forms above. Once you have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will not have to do so again when you revisit the site.

To download Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the "Get Acrobat Reader" button at the bottom of this page. A window will open to allow you to access the Adobe web-site, from where you can download it for free.

The following instructions may help to guide you through the download process. You may find it helpful to make a note of them or print them before continuing.


Instructions  getAcrobatReader.gif

Click Adobe Acrobat icon (above). The Adobe web-site will open at the "Download Adobe Acrobat Reader" page.
Step 1 - this should be filled in already but check details
Step 2 - fill in name and e-mail address
Step 3 - click download
In the window called File Download - click OK to 'Save This Program To Disk'.
This will connect you to a window called Save As. To save this program on your PC click the 'Save' button.
The next window is called Download Complete - click on the 'Open Folder' button.
This will automatically open to the location of your Acrobat Reader.
Double click on file ar405eng.exe to 'unpack' Acrobat.
Follow the Acrobat Reader Setup screens, accepting all default options.
When the Acrobat Reader download is complete, please return to our web-site via the navigator bar.