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How To Measure


chest.jpg To establish your jacket/chest measurements, look at the label inside a suit or jacket you find comfortable and well fitting.

If you are unable to find a label, your chest measurement should be taken at the point of the chest which is usually just under the arms. (NB when measuring relax and let your arms hang by your side).



As with your chest size the easiest way to establish your waist size is to look at the label inside an existing pair of suit trousers that you consider to be comfortable and well fitting.

In the event that you do not have a pair of suit trousers to hand, or unable to locate a label, the trouser waist measurement should be taken about 1” above the hipbone for trousers.

It has been our experience that when a tape measure is put around a man’s waist, he instinctively breathes in. This can lead to inaccurate measurements and result in ordering a pair of trousers that is too small around the waist it is therefore recommended that when you have the tape around your waist try to relax and breathe normally.

If you have large thighs (e.g. rugby players and cyclists) we would recommend ordering a waist size that is 1” or 2” bigger.



collar.jpg Place tape around neck, making sure two fingers can fit loosely between tape and neck.



The length of the jacket is usually proportional to your height, However, remember that these fittings do not necessarily apply to everyone, as different people are proportioned differently, but this is a good guide.

Height Fitting Length
Below 5'6" Extra Short (XS)
Above 5'6" Short (S)
Above 5'9" Regular (R)
Above 6'0" Long (L)
Above 6'5" Extra Long