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Air Gill Fabric Face Mask

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    Product Description

    • Comes in a re-sealable foil packet to prevent any contamination.
    • 3D shaping across the nose for a precise and comfortable fit
    • 4 way stretch fabric gives a tight, snug fit minimising any possible airgaps
    • Water repellent outer wards off any airborne water droplets
    • Dye cut means no thick seams, providing long-lasting comfort
    • Odor Crunch eliminates any odours so the mask can be worn for long
    • periods of time with no need for washing
    • ViralOff technology proven to reduce viruses and bacteria by 99% within a 2 hour timespan

    Please contact sales@burlington-uniforms.co.uk for bulk enquiries.


      MATERIAL:80% Polyester, 20% spandex

      VIRALOFF INGREDIENT:Biocide - reaction mass of titanium dioxide &silver chloride

      STANDARDS:ISO18184:2019 TESTING CERTIFICATES CAN ALSO BE PROVIDED FOR:Acute Oral Toxicity Water Repellency, Anti-Bacterial Heavy Metals Contents, Anti Viral ISO1814 BPR Product Type (PT2)

      CARE INSTRUCTIONS - To maintain maximum performance, only wash when necessary. Hand wash only with cold water. Do not bleach, machine dry or iron

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