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Sioen • Product Code: 5522

Helios High-Vis Overt

£ 160.77 Ex VAT

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For more information on this item please email sales@burlington-uniforms.co.uk or call 0208 443 6920

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KR1/SP1 Protocol (+£326.87)
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    Product information

      • The HELIOS vest is the perfect combination of personal protection thanks to a 360° wrap around protection, making it a perfect cover for paramedics and firefighters

      • It is easy to wear and very flexible

      • Its design gives you a high carrying capacity thanks to a large Napoleon pocket

      • Suitable for day or night-time missions, The Helios overt will give you the security you are looking for

      • Ballistic protection or protection against knife, spike or hypodermic needle are available as protective inserts

      • Zip closure

      • Adjustable shoulder closures with touch and close fastening

      • Adjustable side closures at the back with touch and close fastening

      • Loops on both shoulders

      • Front and back velcro for logo

      • Heat and sweat management by 3D Spacer technology

      • Elastic belly belt

      • Reinforcement fabric inside (in contact with duty belt)

      • Please contact the team to get the PDF sizing form so we can recommend the correct fit for your vest.

      • If you require Protection levels HG1A/KR1/SP1 or HO2/KR1/SP1 please contact the team for more information.