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Wonder Grip • Product Code: 1493

Wonder Grip OP-600L OPTY™

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      • The OPTY™ OP-600L glove, is our new glove protective against chemical risks in dry, oily or humid environments

      • Thanks to the rough finish on the palm, the grip is excellent in every environments

      • The triple PVC coating ensures a perfect oil resistance

      • The liner made of seamless Cotton offers an incomparable dexterity

      • The hands of the users are fully protected thanks to the length (30cm).

      • EN 374-1: AJK / A = Methanol / J = n-Heptane / K = Sodium Hydroxide 40%

      • Optimised fit and extended anti-wear properties with chemical resistance

      • Coating on the palm with a rough finish for additional grip control in every environment

      • Soft coating, enhancing hand movement for superior dexterity and reduced muscular fatigue

      • The long cuff can be folded to prevent chemicals from dripping down the wearer’s arms and body

      • MOQ 12 Pairs

    • The selected garment adheres to the following standards: