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Steitz • Product Code: 3678

Steitz SMC 640 Gore Boa Boot

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    Product information

      • Waterproof and breathable: The GORETEX models from STEITZ SECURA are the best, both for outdoor use in rain and heat and also for changing from the inside to the outside

      • The GORE-TEX membrane ensures outstanding climate comfort

      • Excess moisture and heat are quickly released outside

      • The water vapor permeable waterproof Leather contributes to the optimal inner shoe climate

      • Outsole with 6.5 mm profile

      • Strongly slip-resistant, even on smooth, wet and oily floors

      • High cut resistance and mechanical strength

      • Wide platform

      • Good acid and alkali resistance

      • Heat-resistant up to approx. 220°C

      • Cold-resistant down to approx. -20°C

      • GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear

      • Closed flap

      • Safety reflectors

      • BOA® Fit System

      • Steel toe cap

      • Penetration-proof Steel midsole

      • Real Leather insole

      • Consistent, exchangeable ERGO-SOFT ESD comfort insole with additional cushioning effect and excellent moisture absorption

      • For the customisable SECURA VARIO® weight balance system, order the correct heel shock absorption system that suits your needs. For an explanation, please click here

    • The selected garment adheres to the following standards: