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CardiAid • Product Code: 9380000481

CardiAid Fully Automatic Defibrillator

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    Product information

      • No buttons remove possibility for human error and improve efficiency (fully automatic)

      • Simple audio and visual instruction for the user

      • Alkaline battery capable of up to 210 shocks

      • Biphasic electrode pads

      • Paediatric enabled by simply connecting child electrode pads

      • CPR features

      • Algorithm capable of detecting implants such as pacemaker and internal defibrillator

      • Automated ECG recording of up to 4 hours

      • Daily and monthly self-testing ensures device is ready for use

      • IP55 means the defibrillator is splash proof

      • Able to identify a pulse and make the decision not to shock. This means the defibrillator can be attached to the patient even if their heart is still working such as a heart attack (where the heart suffers huge stress but is still working). The defibrillator will monitor and record all life signs of the heart. Should the heart then stop, the defibrillator will detect this and initiate a shock.

      • CardiAid AED is in accordance with the ILCOR 2015 ERC Resuscitation Guidelines

      • Ready-to-communicate with a Gateway and able to send real-time self-test results

      • New generation CardiAid Monitor 2 Technical Service Software offering a whole solution for all needs: Configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting, event data monitoring and many more

      • Case included

      • Emergency Kit Included