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Wardrobe Management

Our online wardrobe management system takes customer service levels one step further and gives you the control of your clothing needs.

It will manage wearer allocations based on job role and grade, deliver detailed reports on usage and allow you to manage this aspect of your business more effectively. This can also be extended out to your staff by giving them online access to place their own uniform replacement requests. All allocations are set by you and are restricted by what you set. This system is perfect when you have staff on a national scale saving many hours of managing uniform allocations.

Advantages of our wardrobe system

  • An online system that allows our clients to place orders, and to manage wearer allowance and garment entitlement of their users.
  • Allows staff to order uniform wherever they are 24/7 - from PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile.
  • Saves time and administrative costs. Orders come direct to Burlington's without needing to contact and seek approval from Managers, or be checked by administrators as the system controls the preset allowance.


  • Very flexible, bespoke system which we fully control, so can be adapted to suit the needs of the particular client. All little quirks can be accommodated. Such as Company structure, Employee  levels, different roles having  different allowances, multiple site addresses and so on.
  • For example: a set allocation per 12 months, or broken down into monetary or points-based allowance, or product-based (1 jacket, 2 trousers, 5 shirts etc).
  • Predetermined set of allocations, rules and databases controls your budget as users cannot over-order.
  • The system also has a feature that enables Managers or other predetermined Super Users to bypass these rules and cover cases of emergencies or absence.
  • After the end of the 12 months, the allowance automatically resets, or at timed intervals you set.
  • On their Go Live date all Users get an email with their log-in details, a user guide, and an allocation sheet to educate them on what they are allowed to order.
  • Reports – the system can offer a full suite of Management Reports, for example:  What people have ordered, Which sites order the most, any Manager is constantly over-ordering etc. Helps you to control your budgets, or we can tailor to you requirement.